The Martial Arts Academy Geneva (MAA) is the first martial arts centre to combine combat sports, self-defense, and a sports hall, under one roof, right in the centre of Geneva. No longer any need to join a dojo and also have a regular gym membership.

Above all, the strength of the MAA lies in the quality of the instruction. All our instructors are recognized experts in their field.

With continuing professional development, their aim is to deliver the most complete instruction in their discipline:

Passionate, close to their hearts is organising regular workshops at the MAA, bringing the greatest specialists in the world to the centre.

Each movement taught has been field-tested, and the instructors are all capable of adapting their techniques to everyone, to address members’ different goals. Whether this is a skilled practitioner looking to perfect his skill and his level, someone looking for a ‘punchy’ and dynamic physical activity in the spirit of ‘fightness’, another who wants to learn to defend himself to feel more secure and confident, children or teenagers looking to let off steam and curious about these new disciplines… each can find a class adapted to their level and desires.

This unique working knowledge has to be shared and passed on. This is why the MAA also offers online classes in the form of instructional tutorials for each discipline and each level, so that everyone can start or complete their training remotely.

In a modern, clean, comfortable and airy area of almost 800 m2, one can find a dojo, a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight cage, a self-defense studio, another equipped for the Cross Trainer (the evolution of Cross Fit), as well as a large weight-training and cardio area, all with high-quality, high-tech equipment – the Body Sculpt 3D is an example. The amenities have not been forgotten, in fact the opposite, with separate beautiful spaces for ‘changing rooms and showers’ for both men and women.

You can also count on the services of an independent kinesiotherapist and osteopath, who can treat you in their own onsite clinic, through reservation, whether or not you are a member of our club.

Not only is the location central, but above all, the MAA is open 6 days a week, all year round. No more classes starting in September, finishing in June, and don’t take place during school holidays. Here, learning is permanent, 12 months out of 12, for adults, children and teenagers.



The Martial Arts Academy Geneva (MAA) with all its instructors, has at its heart, the promotion of the ‘Bushido’ way, that teaches the following values that are the foundation of the ancestral code of the Budokai samurai.


In fact, there is never a question of gratuitous violence in the disciplines taught. These are real sports, where participation is controlled and takes place with the utmost respect, among students, as between students and instructors.

Above all, it turns out that these values, if applied to everyday life, can become a real strength. Self-control, confidence, motivation, endurance, tenaciousness can help overcome the hazards of everyday life.