The 3D body shaping for a better athletic performance


In addition to the personalized support and daily coaching for each member assured by our instructors, the MAA puts at your disposal high-tech equipment allowing the improvement of your performances (Cryotherapy), and allowing you to have a better knowledge of your form as well as your athletic progression thanks to a particular revolutionary 3D scanner, the ScanFit 3D®.

This 3D body scanner can capture in three-dimension an entire human body or simply parts of it (chest, limbs, etc.), and generate a 3D model from the information collected by the body scanner. This latest generation device enables us to obtain a real map of the body with a capture of more than 20-reference measurements (chest, waist, hips, thigh, etc.). Precious indications for coaches, in order to implement a targeted and precise training program in which the effects will be able to be followed and analyzed.

Results are available online on a personal and private interface. Some statistics show the follow up of the long-term-body evolution, and members will be able to evaluate, as a consequence, their training program.

What are the 3D ScanFit's advantages?

  • A non-invasive technology:

The 3D scanner never gets in contact with the person. The latter stands in the center of the body scan platform, and sensors scan the whole body in 3D without touching it.

  • Fast process:

Generally, it takes less than one minute for the ScanFit 3D® to capture the whole measurement of the body.

  • Precise results:

The ScanFit 3D® offers high resolution pictures in order to capture every detail of the body, and generate high quality 3D models. An essential ally for our coach-instructors, since it captures details that a human eye cannot detect by itself.


2 ScanFit 3D sessions are offered when a member enrolls.
Every additional session costs CHF 45.- or CHF 250.- for 10 sessions.

Do you want to know more about it? Discover the ScanFit 3D presentation video HERE.