Martial Charaf

Instructor in TAEKWONDO

« I never lose, I either win or learn » (Nelson Mandela)

Martial was the vice-champion at the World Masters Olympic Games 2013 in Turin, and thereafter obtained his DEJEPS certificate (Athletic Development and Athletic Coaching Certificate in Taekwondo).

He started martial arts at a very young age and discovered a real passion for taekwondo; the beauty of its movement and its fluidness.

Impressed by the speed and the kicks, he practiced it for 15 years as an athlete included 7 years in the elite category. He is now a black belt, 4th Dan.


After having worked several years in the security and athletic coaching sector, Martial Charaf decided to join the Martial Arts Academy in order to put in the forefront his experience as an instructor and pass on his techniques of vice Olympic champion.

According to him, joining the team of experts of the Martial Arts Academy is sharing the passion for martial arts and moral values.