Francis Beugré


Francis Beugré was born on May 13, 1988 in Ivory Coast. He began combat sports at the age of 10 years old, and in 1998, he discovered Thai Boxing in Andresy at ESA Muay Thai GYM with Philippe Sebire as professor. He was passionate about this sport, and spent 13 years in the club until 2011.

Within 10 years of competition, he became twice Muay Thai amateur champion of France. Simultaneously in 2010, he started practicing Western Boxing with coach Vendelin Weys at the Ring of Chantelou les Vignes, and stayed there until 2015.

In 3 years of competition, he became former Western Boxing amateur champion of Ile-de-France in -75 kg category. From 2014 to 2017, he took up Muay Thai again, and taught the discipline in Chantelou les Vignes. At the same time, he got interested in MMA, and started taking classes with Charlie Hoang at the Club Leech BJJ in the neighborhood of Marais in Paris. He was noticed by his coach, and was asked to help him train other fighters in stand-up striking.

During his quest for perfection, he trained with Krongsak Prakong-Boranrat, Eh Phuthong, Aurelien Duarte, Kouider Abdelmoumeni and Sam Berrandou.

He joined the MAA in July 2017 to share his talent in Muay Thai classes (Thai Boxing) and Western Boxing. He is registered and certified assistant nurse since 2010, he takes care of summer camps and manages medical service of the MAA.