Come on girls and put your gloves on!


Yes, finally! The MAA has decided to introduce a discipline for women only: Western Boxing. Also called the “noble art”, it is a combat sport where 2 opponents of the same weight category and the same gender meet each other on a ring with two padded gloves. It has the exact same rules as Western Boxing practiced by men.

Your instructor, Francis Beugré, will offer you a varied and playful training, using various techniques in the form of training-circuit adapted to the physical condition of each woman which combines cardio, flexibility and muscle reinforcement.

This discipline is dedicated to women:

  • Of 18 years old and older

  • For all levels


Boxing develops:

  • Combativeness

  • The sense of responsibilities and confidence

  • Self-control

  • Development of cardio-vascular capacities

  • Muscle reinforcement

  • Exert calories

So, let’s go girls! Put your guard up!