An art of efficiency, fluidity and humility...


Muay Thai, also called Thai Boxing is a very complete combat sport. It associates very ancient techniques such as kicks (circular kicks to push back the opponent), elbows (only authorized by certain professional competitions), knees (especially used hand-to-hand combat) and punches from Western Boxing. In addition to these techniques, grappling by the neck, projections and hand-to-hand are authorized.

In Thai Boxing, punches on the ground are not allowed simply because of the respect for the opponent that finds himself in a position of deficiency. In Thailand and in Switzerland, elbows are authorized in competition, however in the rest of the world there are only allowed at a professional level with an agreement from the fighters, managers and organizers.

Muay Thai takes from Western Boxing its main rules of competition. Punches can be used to strike every part of the body (face, chest and legs). Thai boxer wears gloves and shorts like the Western boxer. However, he is barefoot. Fights have 5 rounds of 3 minutes with 2-minutes break between each round. Like for Western Boxing the fight is won when the boxer knocks out his opponent, or when he won most of the points counted by three judges.

Our instructor, Francis Beugré, twice amateur champion in France, trains members in their training.