The Martial Arts Academy Geneva is not only a reference center for martial arts and combat sports, but is also a 250 m2 space of gym and fitness spread on two floors:

  • A “upper body” bodybuilding floor made for the superior muscle reinforcement (arms, shoulders, chest, abs…)

  • A “lower body” bodybuilding floor which targets the lower muscle reinforcement (thighs, legs, waist, bottom…)

These bodybuilding spaces are converted in a certain way in order to maximize the efficiency of the training and optimize results allowing a complete body workout. The DOJO also puts at your disposal a multifunctional bodybuilding area which allows the whole upper body workout: pull-ups, workout with pulley at a different height, workout with handles, pulling etc. Members who train themselves at the DOJO can in this way alternate martial arts and bodybuilding movements without changing rooms.

In order to make it accessible to all, each machine has simple drawings and descriptions that explain every detail of each movement and body areas that have to be trained. The MAA instructors are indeed here to assist members in their training.

A space made for cardio only is also put at your disposal: treadmill, rowing machines, spinning bikes as well as the latest innovation: The Assault AirBike. A revolutionary bike directly designed from the feedback of athletes and coaches. Using air resistance, it scales automatically to how hard you want to work. The harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. It’s simple physics with big benefits.

Accessible to 18 years old and older, the MAA Fitness area is equipped with the high-tech last generation machines. The whole center is furnished by the American brand NAUTILUS.

The Martial Arts Academy Geneva is finally and especially “FIGHT-NESS”, since after your cardio and bodybuilding training you can directly participate in combat sports or martial arts classes given by the instructors of the center. An innovating alternative to the traditional gyms and boxes.




Cross training is a combination of cardio and muscular reinforcement exercises which can be practiced in the “Machine” area or in collective class. There is no such thing as getting in shape, finding back your reflexes, improving your coordination, and working out while practicing a dynamic and energizing discipline.



A mix of cardio training and fight technics and exercises to sweat a lot, have fun and feel a new energy in your body

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

In this training the focus is on the short gaps and some very intensive stages of effort and recovery. Recommended for people who want to lose weight and tone up their muscles. HIIT allows to burn a maximum of calories.