‘A different way of defending yourself against physical aggression’

The Close Combat System is a combination of several combat sports, whose principles are founded on simple motor principles, that principally targets rendering one or more adversaries harmless, in a way that is quick and effective, using all means available.

As such, Close Combat (literally hand-to-hand combat) emerged during the Second World War through the British Army.

Since then, Marco Gonneau has developed his own approach – the CLOSE COMBAT SYSTEM – enriching it with, in his eyes, the best techniques from all the martial arts disciplines, combat sports and self-defence.

Classes available from 16 years of age, or from 13 years if accompanied by a parent.

The Close Combat System can be practiced by everyone.

These classes prove to be dynamic, playful, very educational and reinvigorating, just as good for the body as for the mind, by developing self-confidence.