‘A different way of defending yourself against physical aggression’

The Close Combat System is a combination of several combat sports, whose principles are founded on simple motor principles, that principally targets rendering one or more adversaries harmless, in a way that is quick and effective, using all means available.

As such, Close Combat (literally hand-to-hand combat) emerged during the Second World War through the British Army.

Since then, Marco Gonneau has developed his own approach – the CLOSE COMBAT SYSTEM – enriching it with, in his eyes, the best techniques from all the martial arts disciplines, combat sports and self-defence.

Classes available from 16 years of age, or from 13 years if accompanied by a parent.

The Close Combat System can be practiced by everyone. We offer the following levels:




  • TEENAGERS (13 to 18 years)

  • IPA MEMBERS (International Police Association)

For CHILDREN from 6 to 12 years, as for ADOLESCENTS (13 to 18 years), WOMEN and SENIORS (over 55 years), Marco Garcia Gonneau offers classes in SELF-DEFENCE that don’t involve handling weapons, but consist mainly of learning the best ways to escape and to counter attack faced with a possible attack.

These classes prove to be dynamic, playful, very educational and reinvigorating, just as good for the body as for the mind, by developing self-confidence.